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About Us

Power Wood was founded over 20 years by Sherif El Sallab, we have over 20 years of experience in finishing materials, and provide a formidable workforce for domestic and commercial markets. We specialize in Furniture innovations like kitchen assemble with no screws, glue, or tools.

Sherif El Sallab

Sherif El-Sallab, founder of Power Wood factory is a member of El-Sallab family and Ain Shams University Architecture graduate. Sherif worked in the family business doing finishing material imports, all while working in the architecture and design office until.

Sherif later went on to establish a large family branch in Alexandria, due to a need for ceramic tiles and sanitary products from 6 to 13, and eventually created the Power Wood factory to usher the completion of the industrial revolution in Egypt.

Power Wood is a pioneer in making high-quality kitchens, wardrobes partitions. 

PowerWood’s vision is to be a pioneer furniture company that is offering creative and superior quality products.

Our vision reflects our purpose and expectation for the future, inspiring factors that drive us forward in providing the best, high quality, creatively designed, elegant, and professionally made products accompanied by the best service in the industry, right from design to delivery.

Our Vision To be a source of inspiration too: 

Employees: to work at a healthy and great workplace, making sure to inspire them to be the best. 

Customers: to choose the best and highest quality from our units, that are unique and elegant and easily installed. 

Easy Installed kitchens with saving people’s money and time. 

Our mission is to create value for our customers through elegant and high-quality kitchen units. 

We want our customers to experience the unique and creative design of our units that are made by professionals to meet their needs. 

Our products are distinguished by being easily installed in less than 15 minutes, our products can be pulled together and installed by the customers in no time at all.

We aim to inspire both customers and employees, and provide service delivery excellence and offer creative product solutions inherent with strength and beauty.