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It is clear that there is a need for speed of implementation and accuracy. Accordingly PW created a new technology in wood assembly with innovative easy to install plastic clips that are used without any tools, effort or complicated techniques.
All PW assembly clips are hidden and embedded inside the wooden pieces and not visible by any means.

The invented connector consists entirely of high-quality pure plastic.The product consists of three parts that can be interlocked together.
Designed in an engineered way that has been tested many times to ensure the highest connection strength.
PW connections works with all kinds of massive woods, M.D.F. (Medium Density Fiber board), Block-board (Latte), and Plywood.


  • The connector is created to allow only one-way engagement, preventing it to separate with any pulling force.
  • You can terminate the 2 connectors from each other by sliding them in opposite directions.
  • Separating the 2 halves after being coupled does not affect the wooden parts by assembly and reassembly for many times.

PW Expert Architects adapted this new technology innovation by dealing with the CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) through taking digitized data, a computer and CAM program are used to control, automate, and monitor the movements of a machine that allow them to make assembly units fit the little piece of innovation.

With this innovation you can connect all of your Furniture cabinet pieces together in minutes without any tools, as well as hassle just “push, click and connect”.

Now finished products assembly is easier than ever, by having your dream wooden products ready to collect in one box on shelf, and you will assemble it as if you are playing a puzzle without any tools, just push to connect.