If you are planning for a new kitchen, the first thing that you think about is your appliance’s layout. 

You need to think about how to organize your kitchen appliances to maximize your space and make your kitchen looks clean and smart and friendly. 

All Your Appliances On One Wall

Putting all of your appliances on one wall is one of the favorite approaches of kitchen designers. Putting all of your appliances on one wall adds a” wow” factor to your kitchen. 

As well as putting an aesthetic touch, it makes your kitchen looks smart, as it’s an easier job for your electrician and delivers a cleaner, smarter looking room

Make The Cooker A Focal Point

Making your cooker the focal point in your kitchen will help you better to organize the rest of the appliances in your kitchen. 

The primary function of the kitchen should be your cook and the other appliances are all there to support that. 

Get Your Fridge And Ovens Together

A few years back, designers were not accepting the idea of getting the oven and the fridge closer together, as it would have to work extra hard to hold its temperature. However, things are changing, which is good news for you to get your oven and your fridge close together and save some space.

 Go For The Symmetric Look 

Going for the symmetric look will help you create a calm and cohesive look, as well as ensuring that all of your food and cooking items are where you need them.

Make it sociable

As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the soul of your home. Making your kitchen more sociable will allow you to keep an eye on your kids while cooking as well as creating a wide space for more appliances.